Mushroom Identification Guides

Certainly there are thousands of mushroom guides from which to choose, but I thought I'd start by giving an overview of my early impressions of the following guides, all of which I received for my birthday from family and friends after my discovery of a big puffball sparked this … [Read more...]

Shaggy Mane Out of Nowhere

Pieces of a shaggy mane mushroom, fried to a golden brown.

In mid-August I found a big puffball up on Pennsylvania Mountain and it ushered in a new addiction in the realm of wild edible plants—mushrooms! My eyes suddenly opened to a whole new world of fungus, I began to discover mushrooms everywhere, only to find out later from an … [Read more...]

Dandelion Spinach Salad with Red Cabbage and Clover Petals

Dandelion spinach salad with red clover petals and red cabbage, delicious!

Ok, I can’t stop myself—I must boast about yet another rousing success with these delicious fall dandelions I keep finding up on the mountainside. Whereas I served the last batch finely chopped in a yummy marinated salad, I served these latest dandelion greens chopped coarsely … [Read more...]