Stir Fry on the Wild Side

Finely chopped fireweed shoots

Yesterday I experienced the somewhat unique problem of having too many bags of wild edible plants in my refrigerator and not enough “normal” food with which to make lunch. So I improvised—and it worked out surprisingly well. When In Doubt, Stir Fry  My most successful stir … [Read more...]

Soup or Candy, Cow Parsnip is Dandy

Gregg tries the experimental Asian-style cow parsnip soup. A spoon is actually better for getting the flavorful broth too.

We foraged another batch of cow parsnip (Heracleum maximum) the other day. It is very plentiful where it’s plentiful, showing up in large bunches amidst the willows alongside the stream at approximately 10,500 feet where we go. Again, I reach in and snip the new, unfurling or … [Read more...]

Southwestern Fried Yucca Flowers—Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Colorado yucca flowers at 6,000 feet.

Late last summer, during a whirlwind west-coast visit, I found myself on an unlikely hike through prickly pear cacti up a Malibu mountainside in a private ranch of rented houses to a pool that was clothing-optional on Wednesdays. (Spending time with my friend Reina is always an … [Read more...]

Warm and Fuzzy Mullein Celebration

Iced mullein milk tea one day old.

No matter which way I turn, mullein (Verbascum thapsis) seems to insert its fuzzy leaves into my life. First there was the requested rescue mission to Aurora (on June 18), where Jim and Nancy invited me to weed out all of their mullein. Much to my excitement, there were about … [Read more...]

The Great Elkslip Experiment Parts II & III

Delicious Elkslip Dip on a cracker.

This story starts with Part I of the Great Elkslip Experiment, so if you haven’t read that entry yet I suggest you do so before proceeding. Part II - Creamed Elkslip What I am calling Part II of my experiment actually involved eating the elkslip, so after reading several … [Read more...]