The Current Currant Season is Kicking

Forager collects currants while unknowingly being swarmed by ants. Photo by Gregg Davis.

The currants and gooseberries were not yet ripe here at 11,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies when I published my August Wild Edible Notebook, which is devoted to berries—strawberries and huckleberries, specifically—but now they are, and oh what a currant season the current season … [Read more...]

Angelica Enhances Alcohol, Satisfies Sweet Tooth

Angelica leaf candy clusters.

How many times have I hiked the same route never to discover angelica? Probably more than a hundred. Of course, this is very much in keeping with what I have come to expect from wild plants—I almost always find something good when I’m out foraging, but it’s often not what I set … [Read more...]