Salvation in the Form of Salad with Ginger Rosehip Vinaigrette

Rosehip soda, not yet my favorite, but at least you can see the color of the canned rosehip sauce.

Why didn’t anybody tell me how much pain follows surgery? Here I’d pictured a scary hospital visit followed by a rosy home-bound ever-after in which I didn’t have to work and played with my toys, happy as a wounded clam. No so much. Visits to the bathroom on crutches have felt … [Read more...]

Nothing Left to Do but Self-Medicate

Dried mullein leaves.

This is great—not only did I jump off a bush (on my snowboard) in an attempt to skip over some rocks to a mogul that turned out to be solid ice and hear my knee go “crunch,” such that I am suddenly confined to home awaiting an MRI, but I am also coming down with a cold, sore … [Read more...]