Wild Edible Notebook—May Release!

Good news! A new season of the Wild Edible Notebook is here, one full month ahead of the planned start date.

This first-ever May issue of the Wild Edible Notebook features curly dock (Rumex crispus), examined both in light of its edibility and its designation as an invasive species, in a piece I wrote originally for Eat the Invaders website.  Then I interview that site’s creator, conservation biologist Joe Roman, about his invasivore project. Next comes “My Boyfriend, the Liver Fluke,” a lighthearted take on the touchy subject of those creepy crawlies who might be invading your watercress (Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum) right now. There’s a wild edible poem by correspondent Brad Purcell, a recipe for dock enchiladas by the inimitable Butterpoweredbike, and a handful more cooking ideas for dock and watercress to boot.

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EDITED 10.7.13 to reflect the new download procedures.


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    wow, with the coming uncertinty of the world at large, I feel like I need to learn more about what brenna aned I will eat when money becomes worthless. I studied anthro at fort lewis durango 10 years ago. We went to hopi land and I learned alot. Unfortunately, I have not been so tenatious in enlarging my plant vocabulary … But I have been eating lambs quarters and other local salida plants….if you could send me your letter I would really like it… I believe that recient events in american diaspora will make this information invaluable.. thanks much
    Greg twelphsoul@gmail.com

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    would love to receive ur mail. Im very interested in edible wild plants and studying via correspondence with Susun Weed who is an amazing teacher and “knower” of plants. Love to connect with like minded sisters. xxx Many greetings


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