12 Notebooks with $1.99 subscription if you sign up by Monday, May 25

WEN-March2015_cover_pngWEN-April2015-cover_pngJust a quick heads up–if you were thinking of signing up for the Wild Edible Notebook, now’s a really good time to do it. That’s because there are currently 12 issues, an entire year of magazines, in the download area. Those will remain there until noon on Monday, May 25 (Mountain Standard Time). So if you sign up right now, you can download all of them to your machine—nearly 600 pages of photo-filled foraging fun—before I take down the oldest 8 issues and turn them into paid downloads. Interested? Sign up post haste for Option #1 here: Wild Edible Notebook.The subscription costs $1.99/month, so you can access the downloads after you pay for the first month. Please download the older back issues right away. After that, on the first of each month, I will add the latest Notebook—each and every one filled with researched, experiential stories about edible wild plants in Colorado and beyond, along with forager interviews, book reviews, and recipes using the featured wild ingredients.

Download Free Sample, May 2015:

Would you like to see a sample first? Please enjoy the following excerpt from the May 2015 Wild Edible Notebook. The download contains several short stories about morel mushrooms and whitetop mustard, a couple recipes, and photos. You can also read my letter and table of contents, and get a sense of the look & feel.

WEN-May2015-sample-cover350[Download May 2015 sample]

On a personal note, thanks so much if you decide to support this project. You can cancel when you want but hopefully you will not want to, because you’ll be dying to know what next!? Know that the funds help keep the roof over our heads while we dedicate our lives to this labor of love. I mean that.

Thanks & many wild blessings to you all.

-WFG & G