A sumac and angelica summer cocktail in winter

Angelica taking a long bath in vodka. Simple syrup plus infused vodka equals spicy liqueur.

Just after posting my pinklog, I made something else pink by accident. “Tangy angelica liqueur,” Gregg called it, and indeed, he guessed correctly because the base of this cocktail is a spicy angelica liqueur we made in the fall. I’ve been drinking it by itself, chilled over … [Read more...]

Angelica Enhances Alcohol, Satisfies Sweet Tooth

Angelica leaf candy clusters.

How many times have I hiked the same route never to discover angelica? Probably more than a hundred. Of course, this is very much in keeping with what I have come to expect from wild plants—I almost always find something good when I’m out foraging, but it’s often not what I set … [Read more...]