Last Night’s Wild Dinner

"Honey, can you clean the kitchen? I made dinner."

Kitchen experiments take time, a luxury I didn’t have this past month until yesterday. I forgot how good it feels to get on one of my kitchen tangents and go wild cookery crazy. Plus I had a plethora of wild plants in the fridge that needed using. So I tried a couple things, some … [Read more...]

Dried wild plants experiment

Piggybacking on the kale chip craze, I tried making wild leaf chips from smooth bluebells (Mertensia spp.). Not bad!

This summer, I’ll be drying more leaves. Last season’s nettles were a no-brainer, and they disappeared from my pantry shelves fast—in the form of tea and a much-loved pumpkin nettle beer soup. But what of the other leafy greens I enjoy all summer long? Could they help to tide … [Read more...]

Stir Fry on the Wild Side

Finely chopped fireweed shoots

Yesterday I experienced the somewhat unique problem of having too many bags of wild edible plants in my refrigerator and not enough “normal” food with which to make lunch. So I improvised—and it worked out surprisingly well. When In Doubt, Stir Fry  My most successful stir … [Read more...]

Roseroot is Edible, Who Knew?

What I believe to be rosecrown, or Sedum rhodanthum.

I first noticed roseroot on a high-country hike above Fairplay, Colorado as Gregg and I were scrambling up a rock face, off-trail as usual. The plant is distinctive and attractive—tiny, blood-red flowers atop a fleshy stalk with spirally overlapping (Peterson, 1977) succulent, … [Read more...]