Fun with Wild Waterleaf

Fendler's waterleaf growing neglected near a highway underpass.

Waterleaf is an interesting edible wild plant that does not get a lot of press in the wild food media. The local species I know is Fendler’s waterleaf (Hydrophyllum fendleri), a native perennial that grows from Colorado’s Front Range west, in damp to moist soil from 5,500 to … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—May 2015 Release!

We found these lovelies last year in the foothills.

A couple days ago it snowed 18 inches in my town, which is located at 10,000 feet in the Colorado high country. That means plenty of moisture in parts lower. Reports of morels are coming in from the low country, and I’m eager to get out there. Maybe you are too? If so, the May … [Read more...]

Snowboarding, Nettles, & Jerusalem Artichoke Bouyah

Stinging nettles foraged in the Denver area last week before the latest bout of snowstorms.

My friend’s husband tells tales of growing up in northern Wisconsin next to the Menominee Nation, where as a boy he played with the kids on the reservation. When they got hungry, they’d head to whichever family’s house was hosting that week’s “bouyah," a Midwestern tradition … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—April 2015 Release!


It’s early yet for high country Colorado, but with the recent warm weather there are dandelions greening on the sunny side of our house, and chives poking up through the straw. At the park down the street, the field pennycress rosettes are lush enough to eat. It’s difficult to … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—March 2015 Release!

Sassafras leaves are dried and pulverized to make filé powder, an ingredient in gumbo filé.

Okay friends and fellow foragers, the March 2015 Wild Edible Notebook is here! For this month’s edition I am once again proud to feature works by several foraging and herbal writers in addition to myself. Big thanks are due to Wendy Petty, Becky Lerner, and Samuel Thayer for … [Read more...]