Wild Edible Notebook—November 2014 Release!


There’s nothing like finding wild edible bounty in your own backyard. Do you have a yard full of dandelions? Then you have a yard full of edible root vegetables. You might also enjoy sampling from a banquet of edible invasive species, and perhaps do nature a favor by eating … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—October release!

The leaves are a'changing and the cool winds have begun to blow. Still, foraging season continues into October, and with it, a new-and-improved Wild Edible Notebook blows into town. October 2013 brings many exciting changes to the Notebook, including a new look-and-feel with … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—May release!


The May flowers have arrived, and with them, another edition of the Wild Edible Notebook! This issue includes a spring foraging report for California's Eastern Sierra based on a recent foray Gregg and I undertook in the Mammoth Lakes region, though most of the plants featured … [Read more...]

Ready-made Road Trip Salad

Ready-made road trip salad--my favorite of all road meals on our inaugural trip with Myrtle the van.

We embarked on a road trip through Colorado, Utah, and Nevada to California’s Eastern Sierra last week. I had a lot of delicious wild greens on hand that I’d collected in Denver immediately prior, and I wanted to eat fresh salad for the duration of our journey through the … [Read more...]