Wild Edible Notebook—January 2014 Release!


The New Year arrived with more than a foot of fresh snow here in the Colorado high country, where we are under more than four feet and counting. Thus, for the January 2014 edition of the Wild Edible Notebook, I turned to wild seeds—from dock seeds and goosefoot to prickly … [Read more...]

Low Cost Meal—Beans & Dried Dock

Tostadas with jalapenos, dock & beans. I did the tostadas in the oven, broiling, flipping, and broiling again before I added the topping for the final broil. Next time, I need to brush the tortillas with oil; what was I thinking?

My fiance and I are seasonal workers. Most of our income comes from a winter job that lasts 6 months. It offers health insurance for that time period, so we jump on it each winter. In December I can finally get my cavities filled, and he can upgrade his glasses and contact … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—April release!


Good news! After nearly a year on hiatus, the Wild Edible Notebook is back! This first-time April edition centers on everybody’s favorite wild food—dandelions. Though snow still covers the ground here in the Colorado high country, the dandies have been up in Denver for a while … [Read more...]

Creamy powdered wings and blood sauce

These dock-stuffed peppers have nothing to do with anything except that's what we at on the side with our venison. Search the WFG site for a recipe if interested.

This next mushroom sauce is the stuff of deep, dark forests and shady places, featuring flavors so strong and wild as to cause disquiet to a delicate palate while satiating those of us who desire to delve so deep. For the second in my mushroom sauce series, then, I present … [Read more...]