Wild Edible Notebook—September release!


September is well on its way, and with it I am happy to announce the release of another Wild Edible Notebook for your reading pleasure. The September 2013 edition is four pages longer than the last, making it the longest Wild Edible Notebook I've created to date. This issue … [Read more...]

There’s No Foraging Like Snow Foraging

October snow hovers in the Colorado high country.

It’s mid October and it just keeps snowing here in the high country at 11,000 feet in Colorado Rockies. You’d think foraging season were over, but it’s not. Two days ago I awoke to a steady snow and found myself unable to focus on work. By noon it stopped but the wind kicked … [Read more...]

Jellies and Jams, My Currant Obsession

Juicy black currants ripe for the picking.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I absolutely love making jellies and jams!   Mind you, this is a complete about-face from how I felt about them yesterday, especially after Gregg read aloud the brochure that came inside the box of MCP pectin and it said we had to “Measure ingredients … [Read more...]

Wild Huckleberry Masterpiece

Rocky Mountain huckleberries foraged near Fairplay, Colorado

The high country huckleberry season (Vaccinium species) is winding down now, but it was such a success at its peak that I feel obliged to write about it. This is because not only did we find the berries plentiful (and literally in our very own back yard at 11,000 feet in the … [Read more...]