Wild Edible Notebook—February 2014 Release!


Winter marches on here in the Colorado high country, and I find myself more eager than ever to hunt for wild food, so for this month’s edition of the Wild Edible Notebook I decided to venture deep into the snowy forest to fill my pockets with the wind-felled boughs of pine, … [Read more...]

11 edible plants on North Tenmile Creek trail in Frisco

Gregg took this dandelion photo saying it looked as lush as a head of lettuce. We are not snobs. We will eat dandelions.

Last week I led my first-ever wild edible plant hike, from the North Tenmile Creek trailhead in Frisco. The hike was done through Colorado Mountain College, and instead of announcing it here or on Facebook, Gregg and I just went with it. Everyone was local and nobody had heard of … [Read more...]

Adding a Wild Zing to Venison with Flavors of the Forest

Dried smooth sumac, whole and ground into spice.

If wild is a flavor, then venison is it. I can remember days not too distant when the taste of deer was too much for me—too gamey, too foreign, too reminiscent of Bambi’s mother. Enter my brother-in-law, hunter extraordinaire, and suddenly before I know it a hunk of gifted … [Read more...]