New England Foraging Adventure – Part III

Might think about trimming this chickweed better.

If I don’t get the rest of this New England story out soon I’ll be permanently stopped up in the blog-hole, though perhaps it’s something a large dose of chickweed (Stellaria sp.) could solve. I already wrote about chickweed in Part I of this series, I know, but I just read an … [Read more...]

New England Foraging Adventure – Part II

A handful of smooth New Hampshire fiddleheads--but they're NOT edible ostrich ferns.

One of the things I noticed about foraging in New England that does not present a problem here at 11,000 feet in the Colorado High Country is the seeming ever-presence of poison ivy (Toxicondendron radicans). One morning, overjoyed to find false Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum sp.) … [Read more...]

New England Foraging Adventure – Part I

Mom goes in for a taste of garlic mustard. You should've seen the face she made after trying it.

“There’s a reason why the pre-Columbian population of Colorado was low,” wild plants author Sam Thayer once wrote me, referring to the relative lack of edible wild plants in this semi-arid land compared to lusher parts of the country. How dare he? I recall thinking—though truth … [Read more...]

Dandelion Spinach Salad with Red Cabbage and Clover Petals

Dandelion spinach salad with red clover petals and red cabbage, delicious!

Ok, I can’t stop myself—I must boast about yet another rousing success with these delicious fall dandelions I keep finding up on the mountainside. Whereas I served the last batch finely chopped in a yummy marinated salad, I served these latest dandelion greens chopped coarsely … [Read more...]

Two Variations on Marinated Dandelion Salad

Marinated dandelion salad option 2 involves French dressing.

Not to go overboard on the fall dandelions or anything, but last night’s fresh marinated dandelion salads came out so good and were so fast and easy to make that I figured I’d write up a short post about them. The recipes start out the same and then it is simply a matter of … [Read more...]