Eat Your Ornamentals: Backyard Foraging with Ellen Zachos


Did you know that hosta—the large-leaved and oft variegated landscaping plant that the deer love so much—is edible? I had no idea until I picked up Ellen Zachos’ book, Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat (Storey Publishing, 2013). Go figure. The … [Read more...]

New England Foraging Adventure – Part III

Might think about trimming this chickweed better.

If I don’t get the rest of this New England story out soon I’ll be permanently stopped up in the blog-hole, though perhaps it’s something a large dose of chickweed (Stellaria sp.) could solve. I already wrote about chickweed in Part I of this series, I know, but I just read an … [Read more...]

New England Foraging Adventure – Part I

Mom goes in for a taste of garlic mustard. You should've seen the face she made after trying it.

“There’s a reason why the pre-Columbian population of Colorado was low,” wild plants author Sam Thayer once wrote me, referring to the relative lack of edible wild plants in this semi-arid land compared to lusher parts of the country. How dare he? I recall thinking—though truth … [Read more...]