Seaweeding the Eastern Shoreline

Sea lettuces look like thin, green cellophane. Foraged from clean waters, they make for a delicious umami treat.

My parents shot me quizzical looks last summer when I announced my plan to gather seaweed in Long Island Sound, off the Connecticut coast. Not only would I collect, but also dry the seaweed at their house so I could take it back to Colorado with me for cooking experiments. I … [Read more...]

Fruiting Forward

I know those look like buckets of apples. I couldn't resist. But there are plums underneath.

We went for wild plums in the cold, misty morning, gathering them with fingers freezing and lethargic, my feet squishing in icy, wet boots. It was worth enduring the thorny thicket, the musky scent of catnip tall around us, to come home with 20 lbs or so of plums, without making … [Read more...]

Wild Greens & Potato Pie with Kochia

Wild greens and potato pie--great for dinner, even better for breakfast!

I’m having wild greens and potato pie for breakfast again, as I have for the last two mornings. You wouldn’t think greens mixed into mashed potatoes in a pie crust would be all that exciting, but I am definitely smitten. The inspiration came from Ellen Zachos’ book, Backyard … [Read more...]

New England Foraging Adventure – Part I

Mom goes in for a taste of garlic mustard. You should've seen the face she made after trying it.

“There’s a reason why the pre-Columbian population of Colorado was low,” wild plants author Sam Thayer once wrote me, referring to the relative lack of edible wild plants in this semi-arid land compared to lusher parts of the country. How dare he? I recall thinking—though truth … [Read more...]