Wild Edible Notebook—September 2014 Release!

Golden currants along the Blue River, yum.

Last night we had the in-laws-to-be over for dinner and I set out two jars of jam to accompany the chicken, each made from a different species of wild-foraged gooseberries. One was red, mild, and sweet; the other deep purple, tart and tangy. In the fridge we have two more … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—May release!


The May flowers have arrived, and with them, another edition of the Wild Edible Notebook! This issue includes a spring foraging report for California's Eastern Sierra based on a recent foray Gregg and I undertook in the Mammoth Lakes region, though most of the plants featured … [Read more...]

11 edible plants on North Tenmile Creek trail in Frisco

Gregg took this dandelion photo saying it looked as lush as a head of lettuce. We are not snobs. We will eat dandelions.

Last week I led my first-ever wild edible plant hike, from the North Tenmile Creek trailhead in Frisco. The hike was done through Colorado Mountain College, and instead of announcing it here or on Facebook, Gregg and I just went with it. Everyone was local and nobody had heard of … [Read more...]

Wild Black Currant Brandy Voted Best in House

Wild black currant liqueur provides momentary respite despite the clear reminder of a 1:30 responsibility.

It’s wild booze month at Hunger & Thirst and again I have Butterpoweredbike to thank for motivating me to the computer to write something. That—and for getting me into the liquor cabinet for a night of distraction from my many winter obligations. Fortunately, Gregg and I … [Read more...]

Jellies and Jams, My Currant Obsession

Juicy black currants ripe for the picking.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I absolutely love making jellies and jams!   Mind you, this is a complete about-face from how I felt about them yesterday, especially after Gregg read aloud the brochure that came inside the box of MCP pectin and it said we had to “Measure ingredients … [Read more...]