A Fall for Thick, Rosy Hips


Legions of soft, plump, frost-kissed rosehips hang heavy upon their slender, prickly stems. Many are perfectly ripe, slipping off the ends of their branches with a soft, orange gush, leaving a sticky paste to be licked off the fingers. First I made rosehip sauce, by cooking … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—October release!

The leaves are a'changing and the cool winds have begun to blow. Still, foraging season continues into October, and with it, a new-and-improved Wild Edible Notebook blows into town. October 2013 brings many exciting changes to the Notebook, including a new look-and-feel with … [Read more...]

Granola Bars with Rosehip Raisins & Wild Seed


For two years I bugged my friend for her grandmother’s granola bar recipe. “Erica! I finally found my granola recipe!” she emailed one day, and that was two years ago. So last night, approximately four years after the idea’s inception, my long-hewn plans finally came to … [Read more...]

Late November foraging in the Denver low country

Turkey and curly dock soup, made with a repurposed T-day turkey carcass and wild plants.

Well, Denver’s not low country exactly — Mile High City and all— and the part where my friend B and I like to forage is one of the higher points in said low country, but it’s still low compared to the upper reaches of Colorado where I live, even though we moved down from 11,000 … [Read more...]

Adding a Wild Zing to Venison with Flavors of the Forest

Dried smooth sumac, whole and ground into spice.

If wild is a flavor, then venison is it. I can remember days not too distant when the taste of deer was too much for me—too gamey, too foreign, too reminiscent of Bambi’s mother. Enter my brother-in-law, hunter extraordinaire, and suddenly before I know it a hunk of gifted … [Read more...]