lambs quarters 300x225 And Then We Gorged Ourselves on Goosefoot

Lambs quarters, aka goosefoot, coming up under the rose bush in Steve's back yard.

Goosefoot, aka lamb’s quarters, wild spinach, and pigweed, is said to be one of the most popular among wild edible plants, particularly when it comes to the uninitiate. 

As “Wildman” Steve Brill and Evelyn Dean put it: “If you begin learning wild foods with only a few plants…this widely distributed, easy-to-identify, tasty, nutritious, long-in-season plant should be one of the first on your list.”   

I don’t always tend to do things in the right order, so as it turns out, goosefoot ended up being more like #50 on my list. But boy, what a #50 it was! 

The opportunity to try it for the first time came about last week when Gregg and I visited his brother-in-law in Fort Collins, Colorado for an early birthday celebration. Steve was out back mowing the lawn for a much-hoped-for badminton tournament when we arrived. I quickly surveyed the small, fenced-in enclosure to find, much to my pleasant surprise, hundreds of lamb’s quarter plants in various stages of growth. “I thought they were pretty so I didn’t weed them out,” commented Steve, who is charged with the lawn care. Now that’s a good man!  Read the rest of this entry