Bent on pulverizing Short-stemmed Slippery Jack’s bad rap

Suillus brevipes dry sauteed, then sauteed longer in butter. Yum.

Lately I’ve been powdering my dried wild mushrooms, batch after batch and species after species, then attempting to use the powders in various kitchen concoctions. First were the porcini (Boletus edulis), from which I made a divine sauce, followed by not-so-bad hawks wings … [Read more...]

A sumac and angelica summer cocktail in winter

Angelica taking a long bath in vodka. Simple syrup plus infused vodka equals spicy liqueur.

Just after posting my pinklog, I made something else pink by accident. “Tangy angelica liqueur,” Gregg called it, and indeed, he guessed correctly because the base of this cocktail is a spicy angelica liqueur we made in the fall. I’ve been drinking it by itself, chilled over … [Read more...]