Wild Edible Notebook—September release!


September is well on its way, and with it I am happy to announce the release of another Wild Edible Notebook for your reading pleasure. The September 2013 edition is four pages longer than the last, making it the longest Wild Edible Notebook I've created to date. This issue … [Read more...]

Dried wild plants experiment

Piggybacking on the kale chip craze, I tried making wild leaf chips from smooth bluebells (Mertensia spp.). Not bad!

This summer, I’ll be drying more leaves. Last season’s nettles were a no-brainer, and they disappeared from my pantry shelves fast—in the form of tea and a much-loved pumpkin nettle beer soup. But what of the other leafy greens I enjoy all summer long? Could they help to tide … [Read more...]

My Definition of a Good Day: Cow Parsnip for Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert

Dark-eyed Dennis takes a wormy Boletus edulis piece I left him. Take that, worms!

I woke up yesterday morning and cooked my very first quiche, in which the principal ingredient was—you guessed it—cow parsnip! We had it for breakfast; we had the leftovers for dinner; and then we had cow parsnip candy sticks for dessert. For me, there is simply no getting tired … [Read more...]

Tale of a Golden Foraging Opportunity

Forager on a Golden hillside. Photo by Gregg Davis.

On our way home from Denver last Friday, Gregg and I made a detour up Golden Gate Canyon Road to check out a 93-acre ranch that Marilyn, who I met when she commented on a post, invited us to forage. (Actually, truth be told, I invited myself and she was generous enough to … [Read more...]