Warn Your Mother Before She Handles Black Walnuts for You

Mom came down with an extreme case of "walnut hands," replete with blisters.

Mom called the other day to tell me the nuts were falling in Connecticut, and to ask me if I wanted her to get me any. Well, geez, I thought, I would be remiss to look a gift horse in the mouth, now wouldn’t I? “Sure Mom, that’d be great—how about acorns, hickory nuts, and … [Read more...]

Stuffballs on the Menu

Copious puffballs fruiting on wood in the forest behind my parents' house in Connecticut a couple years ago. Oh yeah, we ate them.

This has been quite a season for puffballs—both large and small—in the Colorado high country. Though the season for giant puffballs is upon us, I wanted to first share a preparation we’ve been enjoying with small puffballs, which are still out there fruiting like crazy too. I … [Read more...]

Old Places, New Head Spaces

The Amanita muscaria group is often a good indicator that porcini are growing nearby. I thought this lovely specimen looked like a wildflower.

Yesterday we revisited one of our old, favorite hikes on the shoulder of Pennsylvania Mountain above Fairplay, Colorado. We must have done a variation of that hike—sometimes ducking into the forest on game trails to encounter still-open mine holes and long-abandoned cabins, … [Read more...]

Whistling Suillus

Here you could try singing "Just another Suillus party" to the beat of "Gangsta Party" by 2pac.

For years I steered clear of the edible mushroom Suillus tomentosus—not because it was difficult to identify, but because it wasn’t supposed to be very good. "Suillus tomentosus has a reputation for being a second-class edible and is best when very young,” Vera Stucky Evenson … [Read more...]

Wild Edible Notebook—September release!


September is well on its way, and with it I am happy to announce the release of another Wild Edible Notebook for your reading pleasure. The September 2013 edition is four pages longer than the last, making it the longest Wild Edible Notebook I've created to date. This issue … [Read more...]